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Dish Network Company History

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Dish Network Company History
By Kate Ivy and Gary Davis

Dish Network Satellite TV.ws

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Dish Network – The Brains Behind The Dish

Who is DISH Network?

DISH Network is the satellite broadcasting brand name of EchoStar
Communications Corporation, an international and publicly held company
headquartered in Englewood, Colorado.

Humble Beginnings

Established in 1980, EchoStar was the vision of now Chairman and CEO,
Charlie Ergen along with his wife, Cantey and friend, James
DeFranco. With the company’s focus on customer service and
cutting-edge equipment, it wasn’t long before EchoStar quickly began to

In 1986, EchoStar introduced the world’s first UHF remote control and
just one year later, filed for a Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS)
license with the FCC. They were granted that license in
1992. EchoStar soon turned its focus to providing its own DBS
service and in 1995, realized that goal with the launch of EchoStar I
from Xichang, China.

And the DISH Network brand name was born.

DISH Network Today

Ten years and eight satellites later, EchoStar and DISH Network
continue to pursue that same groundbreaking leadership that has set
them apart from the competition. In 1999, DISH Network unveiled
the DISH 500, the world's first and only 500-channel satellite TV
system. Just a few months later, DISH Network does it again by
releasing the new HDTV Satellite TV Receiver in January of 2000.
By 2004, DISH Network had become the first satellite TV service to
offer local channels to all 50 states as well as Washington, D.C. and
it was DISH Network who said thanks to their customers by giving away
1,000 complete high definition television systems.

Today, DISH Network remains the lowest all-digital TV choice in America
and most recently, introduced the DISH Player-DVR 942, the first
multi-room satellite TV receiver that can record in high definition.

But then, that’s nothing new. EchoStar has been full of
firsts. Each year, EchoStar and DISH Network have reaffirmed
their standing by realizing new levels of service and cutting-edge
technology. Partnering with communication masters such as SBC and
Earthlink, DISH Network has been able to offer even greater discounts
and services in the form of bundled packages. Ranked No. 1 in
Customer Satisfaction among Cable/Satellite TV Subscribers by J.D.
Power and Associates, DISH Network reached their 10 millionth customer
milestone in 2004 and boasts an impressive satellite network with the
capacity to provide hundreds of channels of digital video, audio and
data services via DISH Network service to homes, businesses and schools
throughout the United States. With over 20,000 employees,
EchoStar and DISH Network remain dedicated to the delivery and
advancement of Direct Broadcast Satellite worldwide.

DISH Network of Tomorrow

What’s on the horizon for EchoStar and DISH Network?

The satellite industry continues to grow and expand, creating new
opportunities and exciting, innovative technologies. High
definition television and digital video recording are just two great
examples of how far a little ingenuity can take you. DISH Network
recognizes this unlimited potential in satellite broadcasting and
continues to look ahead, exploring new services and programming
choices for its customers. With the passage of the Satellite Home
Viewer Extension and Reauthorization Act of 2004 (SHVERA), DISH Network
anticipates the possibility of distant high definition TV network
channels within the next few years.

Whatever the future holds, there are two things you can be sure
of: it’s bound to be exciting and EchoStar and DISH Network will continue to lead the pack.

About the Author

About the Authors: Gary Davis is owner of Dish Network Satellite TV
and has written numerous articles on the satellite television industry. Kate
Ivy has written for a variety of publications and websites and is the owner of
Ivygirl Media & Design.


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