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GetMeTickets Agree with Glastonbury Ticket Security

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London, 1 April 2005 – Michael Eavis and GetMeTickets.net cooperate to improve the security of Glastonbury ticket sales. After discussing this years ticketing structure with Michael Eavis, GetMeTickets.net understand his genuine concerns over the festival’s security and would not like to be part of any efforts to compromise it.

During a recent visit to Getmetickets.net's London offices, Michael Eavis commented: “The Glastonbury Festival 2005 is gearing to be one of the best festivals ever. We have confirmed some of the biggest acts in the world and I am really looking forward to it. We have spent a lot of time looking at different ways of selling Festival tickets to reduce the problems that people had last year. This year we have introduced photographic ids and various other security features on the Glastonbury tickets which should make their re-sale virtually impossible. I am glad that Mr Rangos, and his company Getmetickets.net, has agreed to join us in making the Glastonbury ticketing system impenetratable ”.

Last year GetMeTickets.net sold over 500 tickets – the vast majority of these customers attended the Festival without problem and it was a great success. Michael Rangos, Managing Director of Getmetickets.net, observed: “Getmetickets.net is extremely proud of its excellent service, the devotion of it staff and its reputation as the 'front row specialists'. While we would have preferred to be able to provide tickets for the Glastonbury Festival this year, we consider it in the best interests of the Festival that we take these steps. The huge percentage of returning satisfied customers amongst our exquisite clientele is a unique testament to the company's reliability, professionalism and authenticity. It is to be hoped that BBC Watchdog’s inaccurate reporting will be retracted and a more balanced, accurate portrayal of the company be presented in due course.”

Getmetickets.net has been actively selling tickets for the Glastonbury Festival for the last few years in full compliance with the requirements of the festival, purchasing tickets on behalf of its clients from independent suppliers. At no time and in no way did Getmetickets.net use “fake tickets” to obtain entry to the Glastonbury Festival as was implied by BBC Watchdog.

The company is proud of its good name and reputation, earned through many years of excellent work and considers it unfortunate that BBC Watchdog has sought to sully this. Nonetheless, aware of the detrimental effect that this broadcast may have had upon the Festival, and in direct consultation with Michael Eavis, Getmetickets.net has proactively determined that it is in the best interests of the Company, the Festival and all customers that it no longer offer these tickets. All existing customers will shortly receive full refunds and, working closely with the Festival organisers, steps are being taken to ensure that all customers are able to obtain replacement tickets.

Getmetickets.net continues to provide premium priced “front row” or “hard-to-get” tickets for most “sold out” events via its website www.getmetickets.net or the hotline 020 7240 9999.

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