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Got an Idea for a Movie? It's a Swift Path to Success

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You've seen one or two bad movies in your time, right? And you've told your date, "I could do better than that." Your instincts are probably right.

You already know Hollywood seems locked into making the same tired, old plots, over and over. But you have an idea for a better movie rolling around inside your brain. Well, here's opportunity knocking.

A former Hollywood executive is willing to make your screenplay into a movie if you're the winner of a winner-take-all competition. John Hart, former vice-president for BrightStar Productions, has founded an independent studio in Oregon, a state that is now known as "Hollywood North," and he's ready to make the winning idea into a movie.

The competition is called MakeMyScreenplay and it's the only one of its kind. The winner gets his or her script made into a feature-length movie, and here's the best part: the winner also gets fifty-percent (50%) of all revenue generated from theatrical, televison, and DVD sales.

What kind of money are we talking about here?

Well, "Blair Witch Project," a low-budget independent movie, made outside of Hollywood, grossed $140,530,114 dollars in the U.S., according to the Internet Movie Database. Another recent independent hit also made outside of Hollywood, "Napoleon Dynamite," grossed $44,540,956 in the U.S.

Can you write something like that? If you can, MakeMyScreenplay will make the movie, and you'll get half the money.

Writing a screenplay isn't that difficult. The format is a breeze to follow. What you really need is a good idea and some screenwriting software, and the will to finish it. Make it a group project. Get your whole family involved.

The rules are pretty simple and you can see them all at www.MakeMyScreenplay.com. You aren't eligible if you've already won before, or you have a produced theatrical or television movie.

The winning script will be shot in Oregon with Sony's new high-definition camera, the HVR-Z1U, and we'll edit it, add music and sound effects, and send you a DVD when it's done. Then we'll show it off to the world. Neither of make any money unless we get it sold somewhere, right?

So enough whinning about the bad movies you've seen. Do something about it. Write your own and we'll make it. Check out the details at www.MakeMyScreenplay.com, and good luck with your script! We're looking forward to reading it.

About the Author

Mr. Hart is the former Vice-President of Production for BrightStar Productions, Hollywood the founder of MakeMyScreenplay.com, and owner of a new production studio in Oregon


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