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Milton Keynes, Wednesday 1 June, 2005 - SAINT, the Brussels based Rock/Pop band are pleased to announce that they will be playing two gigs on the same day near Milton Keynes on Sunday June 12th 2005. Following on from the successful launch of their...
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How to improve your odds of winning the lotto by millions.

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Odd or Evens in Powerball and the Megamillions lottery


How to improve your odds of winning the lotto by millions.

One factor to consider in picking your Powerball
or the Megamillion lottery numbers is the ratio between
the odd / even lotto numbers.

Looking at the past history of all lottery games
there appears a pattern that shows you would be better off
by not playing all odd or all even numbers.

Example of playing all even numbers
example of playing all odd balls

For the 462 Megamillion lotto games reviewed at
the www.needto.net lotto site, the ratios were

Odd/even combo analysis
play mix hits
5 odd 0 even 13 as a percentage 2.81 %
4 odd 1 even 63 as a percentage 13.64 %
3 odd 2 even 142 as a percentage 30.74 %
2 odd 3 even 163 as a percentage 35.28 %
1 odd 4 even 67 as a percentage 14.50 %
0 odd 5 even 14 as a percentage 3.03 %

Looking at the table above, you may improve your odds
by playing either 3 odd /2 even or 2 odd / 3 even.
These rations accounted for almost 2/3 of all past winners.
30.74 + 35.28 = 66.02%

These ratios are always changing, but this pattern does
occur across all lotto / lottery games. To see the current
lottery ratios see www.needto.net

Best of luck, gotta swing the bat to hit the ball.

About the Author

Ed is a serious lotto player and
publishes free lotto results and stats
at http://www.needto.net
see the current ratios and the hottest/coldest numbers
for Powerball, Megamillions and other major lotteries.


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