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Programming a Remote Control

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Programming the Remote Control

By Kate Ivy and Gary Davis


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How To Program Your Remote Control

Are you struggling with that multi-button remote control? Can’t quite figure out which button does what? Not to fret. We’ve put together a simple little guide to get your programming project started.

First things first, different satellite units come with different remote controls, each with their own special list of features. Ultimately however, all of these unique remotes are designed to do the same thing – control your satellite unit. So while the buttons may not be in the same place, there are still some one-size-fits-all basics for programming your remote.

Most remotes can control multiple devices, in addition to the device it was made for. A DISH Network remote for example, can typically control up to four devices: your satellite receiver, your television, a VCR and one additional unit such as a second television, VCR or stereo receiver.

To program a particular device, turn it on and press the corresponding button on your remote until the appropriate light begins to flash:

The SAT button controls the satellite unit.

The TV button controls your television set.

The VCR button controls your VCR.

The AUX button controls the additional unit you want to add.

Find the code number for your unit. These codes are typically found at the back of your user manual. If you’re a DISH Network subscriber, you can find the codes and user guides for your unit in the “Products” section at the DISH Network website (http://www.dishnetwork.com/content/products/userguides_manuals/index.shtml).

Using the keypad on your remote, enter the first listed number for your device. Now, here’s where your particular remote instructions might differ. Once you’ve entered the number, you’ll need to press a button to indicate you’ve completed your input. For the DISH Network Platinum remote for example, pressing the pound button (#) tells the remote you’re finished with your input. Your mode light will flash again and you should be able to turn your device off by pressing the “Power” button. If this works, you’ve just programmed your device. If it doesn’t, start the process over again, using one of the additional numbers listed for your device.

What do you do if your device isn’t listed? Most remotes offer general codes and/or allow you to “scan” for your device. Look at your user guide for specific instructions on how to scan for your device code.

To program your AUX button, follow the same procedure as above with one exception. If you’re programming a second television or VCR, you’ll need to enter in an additional code to identify the unit. Enter a 0 for VCR and a 1 for a television, followed by your device’s unique code. As in the example above, turning your unit off with the Power button is an indication of successful programming.

Good luck and happy programming!

About the Author

About the Authors: Gary Davis is owner of Dish Network Satellite TV
and has written numerous articles on the satellite television industry. Kate
Ivy has written for a variety of publications and websites and is the owner of
Ivygirl Media & Design.


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