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Programming the Satellite TV Receiver

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Programming the Satellite TV Receiver

By Kate Ivy and Gary Davis


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How To Program Your Satellite TV Receiver

Setting up your satellite system isn’t as difficult as you might think. In addition to installing the dish itself, you’ll need to program that little black box known as your satellite receiver. Don’t know where to start? Not to worry… just follow these steps and you’ll be up and running in no time at all.

Assuming your dish is already installed and your receiver is properly connected, turn your receiver and your television set ON. You’ll see a screen called “Point Dish/Signal Strength Setup” where you’re going to test the reception from your satellites.

Choose the “Check Switch” option and you’ll see a new screen. Choose “Check” or “Test” and you’ll get a message that your system check is in progress. When the test is complete, you’ll see an Installation Summary on your screen that shows reception details for two satellites. DISH Network customers will see data for two satellites: 110 West and 119 West. Transponders should show “ALL” and the message “Satellite Reception Verified” in the status area. You can exit this screen.

Now look at your Point Dish/Signal screen again. Do you show good strength under the 119 West listing? If so, move the check mark to the 110 West listing. Do you show good strength there as well? If not, you’ll need to go back and fine-tune your dish positioning until you have the strongest possible signal from both satellites. Once you’re satisfied with your signal strength, you’re ready to download your software. Simply exit the Point Dish/Signal Strength menu and you’ll be prompted to confirm that your dish positioning is complete. Answer “Yes” and another prompt will appear confirming the download of your programming software. Let the software download completely - do not interrupt this process.

Once the receiver’s memory has been upgraded, you’ll need to order your programming. DISH Network customers can press the “SYS INFO” button on the receiver front panel. This will display the “Important System Information” screen that includes various serial numbers and software versions. Call DISH Network and customer service representative will walk you through the rest. With your programming complete, you can begin enjoying your new satellite system. In addition to browsing programs with the up and down channel buttons, you can also preview your channels using the Program Guide.

To access the Guide, press the “GUIDE” button on your remote. You can sort your guide program viewing in a few different ways, so take a few minutes to customize the Program Guide to suit your needs.

Enjoy the show!

About the Author

About the Authors: Gary Davis is owner of Dish Network Satellite TV
and has written numerous articles on the satellite television industry. Kate
Ivy has written for a variety of publications and websites and is the owner of
Ivygirl Media & Design.


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