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Infinity - Feynman
RICHARD FEYNMAN: - I had the great pleasure of watching a movie called Infinity by Matthew Broderick and his wife. What a joy! To see a person whose father taught him to observe rather than codify or label in order to get marks or social...
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Trump: Unauthorized. Missed the Movie? Here's the Scoop!

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Trump: Unauthorized

On Tuesday May 24 @ 9pm EST ABC Network aired the television movie: Trump Unauthorized. Surprisingly I only knew about the movie because of the ad in the TV Guide. The movie begins with Donald Trump as a boy playing with a plane with only one wing. A few seconds later we're launched into Trump as an adult looking to do his first real estate project in New York. He earns the funds from others putting their money into the project. At times the Donald may seem ruthless. His father against his ideas, finding them foolish. But none the less he helps his son when he needs some financial aid. There are 3 deaths shown in his life, one of a heart attack and 2 partners due to a helicopter crash.

It shows how The Donald meet Ivana at a restaurant and scenes later they are married. As more accomplishments from hard work are reached, so isn't the tension between Ivana and her husband. At a book signing for his book: "The Art of The Deal", he meets Marla Maples. They spend sometime together and Ivana finds out. While at a ski lodge, The Donald stands watching while Ivana tells Marla to stay away from her husband. Problems then sir when Trump has expense problems right when he opens the Casino in Atlanta City, NJ. He refuses to file bankruptcy. The story has a happy ending when the Donald comes out on top once again. His marriage doesn't. At the end of the movie it reads he divorced Ivana, married Marla Maples, divorced her and married Melania Knauss. A small scene shows The Apprentice producer meeting with the Donald.

The movie at times had me in awe. Perhaps it was because many can relate to relatives not being supportive or the constant battles he went through against all odds. If you like The Apprentice, Check out this movie to get a better idea of The Donald in action!

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