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Rake Back - The pros and cons of rake back deals
Rake Back facts - are they worth the trouble? Rake Back is a rebate given to poker players. The rake is the small table fee charged to the players for each hand of poker. Rakes add up over time if the player plays frequently and/or for high stakes...
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Video Poker - Tips to Remember

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Video poker is an easy game to learn to play well, so do take the time to learn the basic
draw strategy, as well as the best machines to play (the ones with the most favorable
payout schedule). In addition, the tips below will give you a better chance of winning
and overall make the game more enjoyable.

+ Never keep a kicker (an extra card, often an ace) with any pair. This lowers your
chance of drawing three of a kind.

+ Make certain the "hold" button shows for each card you want to hold before pushing
the draw button.

+ Make sure the machine uses a "hold" button. Most do, but a few use a "discard"
button instead, where you indicate the cards you want to discard by pushing the button
instead of the cards you want to hold.

+ Take your time and consult the draw chart given above for every hand. One of the
advantages of playing a machine is that no one will rush you. Take all the time you want.
Think each hand through, have a drink, smoke a cigarette, the machine will always sit
there waiting patiently!

+ If you are a beginner, pick the lowest denomination of machine you can find and play
on it until you are familiar and comfortable with the drawing strategy.

Follow these tips and you money will last longer and you just might be the one to hit that
600,000 to 1 odds royal flush!

Good Luck!

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Tom is the webmaster at BlackjackForEveryone.com,
which is a website dedicated to turning beginning Blackjack
players into serious recreational players.


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